June 27, 2017 It has been awhile!!!

I am finally feeling settled and comfortable in Indio, CA (if 114 degrees can be called comfortable). My new studio is set up and is now an easy place to work and I will be posting some photos of the Coachella Valley Art Center. We have about 9 working artists there, a glass blower, a glass painter, and a glass designer plus others who work in clay and a jewelry designer. Yes, there are painters and some others I have not met yet.  

Check out Patrick Blythe and Michael Aschenbrenner and their work.  

Another is Diane Morgan who does beautiful flowers in oil, and watercolor.  

So Yes I have been 2-3  paintings in process which as of today needs more work. Hopefully you will be seeing them in a week or so on the website. 

Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Elaine Trei