March 10, 2016

The Fawn's are finished and sold! What a great surprise! 

Since then I have finished "The Look!" about a Train Robbery on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, the train robbery may never have occurred, so I took some historical leeway. My Dad, Albert Wilkus and his Dad, Frank Wilkus worked on the Missouri Pacific Lines from Coffeyville, Kansas and this painting was in their memory. The name, "The Look!" comes from "the look" every Mother gives us when we in trouble and the woman in the painting is looking at the robbers with "The Look!"

I have finished another painting of bear cubs looking for Mom "Looking for Mom" and a couple of Wolves showing their devotion "Kissing Mates".  

Overall, as I write this up I have been busy, yet in my mind's eye - still not painting enough. 

These three paintings will be up on the web site as soon as I photograph them. 

Thank you for checking my website!

Sincerely, Elaine