June 27, 2017 It has been awhile!!!

I am finally feeling settled and comfortable in Indio, CA (if 114 degrees can be called comfortable). My new studio is set up and is now an easy place to work and I will be posting some photos of the Coachella Valley Art Center. We have about 9 working artists there, a glass blower, a glass painter, and a glass designer plus others who work in clay and a jewelry designer. Yes, there are painters and some others I have not met yet.  

Check out Patrick Blythe and Michael Aschenbrenner and their work.  

Another is Diane Morgan who does beautiful flowers in oil, and watercolor.  

So Yes I have been 2-3  paintings in process which as of today needs more work. Hopefully you will be seeing them in a week or so on the website. 

Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Elaine Trei 




March 10, 2016

The Fawn's are finished and sold! What a great surprise! 

Since then I have finished "The Look!" about a Train Robbery on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, the train robbery may never have occurred, so I took some historical leeway. My Dad, Albert Wilkus and his Dad, Frank Wilkus worked on the Missouri Pacific Lines from Coffeyville, Kansas and this painting was in their memory. The name, "The Look!" comes from "the look" every Mother gives us when we in trouble and the woman in the painting is looking at the robbers with "The Look!"

I have finished another painting of bear cubs looking for Mom "Looking for Mom" and a couple of Wolves showing their devotion "Kissing Mates".  

Overall, as I write this up I have been busy, yet in my mind's eye - still not painting enough. 

These three paintings will be up on the web site as soon as I photograph them. 

Thank you for checking my website!

Sincerely, Elaine

Red Dogs (Bison Babies)

Red Dogs (Bison Babies)

The first time I saw the "Red Dogs" we were photographing about 100 yards from the animals and I could see these "red animals" running like dogs back and forth near the large bison. The bison were at least 3 -4 times the size of these babies. I thought they were wolves because they look like a canine. Their neck and head are more like cattle rather then the bison's large head near the ground. These two were lying in the grass just resting after being given milk by Mom.  This version is also in the study phase that will now go on for days with little changes here and little changes there. Hope it will be complete for "Art on the Lake" August 22 and 23 in Big Bear Lake. See you there.

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Prong Horn Antelopes (A painting from the Safari)

Prong Horn Antelopes (A painting from the Safari)

I took a couple of antelopes from a couple of photographs to plan this painting. Then I selected the colors I wanted to use. for example, It is a given that one needs greens for the back ground and a orange red color for the antelope's fur but what will be the other accent color ... you will have to guess? This painting is in the stage of study ... looking and re-looking at it to be sure I have completed it. At this point I am enjoying it just the way it is but tomorrow may be a different. 

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Wildlife Safara in Jackson WY and Yellowstone

In May I went on a Wildlife Safara in Jackson WY with Jason Wilson, a photographer for a photography adventure, we were up a 4 am for sunrise photos and crashing at 9pm so we could start another day. We photographed deer, bear and cubs, moose and cub, bison and their "Red Dogs" (their babies. We has a great time. Jason was fun, amazing, energetic, and a great teacher. I must say I am ready to do it again.  

As a result of the great photos I have started about 6 paintings and will be showing you their progress. Painting animals is new to me and at the moment I am very tedious not too much spontaneity or my "crazy colors". The loosening up will come in a few weeks. 

Stay in touch to watch the progress.



In late May, I took a Wildlife Safara in Jackson, WY in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park, the trip was incredible! We were up at 4 am to photograph sunrises, and in bed after a late sunset. We spent most of the daytime hours photographing wildlife. Jason Wilson our guide was wonderful and fun and full of energy. We had a great time.  I have finally started to paint the animals and so over the next few weeks I will be posting the paintings and each one's progress. 

March 29, 2015

Nearly finished with the "Indian Paint Brushes" and did some touch-ups to "Loves the Water". 

"Loves the Water" the wolf just kept looking at me and didn't seem right, eyes too small and his face color just was NOT what I wanted and I fixed him today so look for a new up date next week-end. 


March 29, 2015

We had a great Open House last night at Artisans, ETC, a new Gallery on Village Drive in Big Bear Lake, CA. We had a huge crowd, lots of visiting with potential buyers, and future prospects. I sold my Painting "Wondering Bear" which was printed onto aluminum and have a potential sell of an oil "Boulder Bay".  

Presently, I am working on "Indian Paint Brushes" a watercolor. I may try putting it on the aluminum as it appears to have the light behind it just as it does on our computer.  There is an "Iris, Eye of God" printed on the metal - its small an 8 x 10. That's another one I would like to see very large. 

At any rate, drop by Artisans ETC for a look at great artists and photographers. 

Have a great day, God Bless you with Happiness, 



February 19, 2015

I have been painting, just finished two Wolves and Owls. The wolves have been a long-time goal. Both are the same photo but I wanted to try a different approach in Oil and Watercolor and I just put them on my website. 

The Daily Run, in Oil, was to try to explore using color and more design elements. The colors were picked prior to starting the painting. So take a look and see if you like my Little Devil. 

In the Loves the Water, the watercolor, was setting up the major colors prior to painting, and then just "going for it!" letting the washes of color take over. Seems to me it has more energy. 

Snowy Owls is quite small 6 inches x 6 inches. Enjoy!

So take a look! 


Welcome to my blog!

It's so exciting to be posting my first blog! As a visual person, I love to communicate feelings through my art. This forum, however, will be a great opportunity to talk about the creative process and provide the story behind individual paintings. I'll share the challenges and joys of painting, respond to your comments, and provide techniques and tips on painting in watercolor and oil. 

I look forward to building friendships through this blog. In addition to my own comments, I welcome input from you. What artists do you admire? If you're just starting to paint, are you finding it fulfilling? Do you prefer watercolor or oil? Favorite subject matter? I would love to get a conversation going within this community.

In my next blog I'll deconstruct a painting from inspiration through completion. There are many ups and downs along the way and I'll let you in on every step. Until then, thank you for visiting my website—and my blog— and see you back here soon.