SEPTEMBER 16, 2019

Yes, it has been an age since I have written a blog. To be honest I have spent the past year painting and relearning how to get into the 'zone”. The “zone” is when you are painting from the heart and mixing colors without thinking. Last “the zone” is when you are finished you look at the results and go “WOW! How did I do that!”

This year has been surprising with my energy coming back and so has the laughter and the excitement of appreciating my health and all the people around me. No, I haven’t been horridly sick but I think I just let myself become really tired and found out I was allergic to many foods which I have slowly eliminated and the body has taken care of the rest. Plus I thank God for the bright, young people he has put in my path to help me get well.

Now back to the painting…I started with painting flowers, irises mostly, (check the florals on the website) and I finished some landscapes for Crestavilla - a senior community in the Newport Beach area. Then in March I took an abstract class and fell in love with the challenge of this art.

The challenge is creating a design out of the paint, the colors, the stamps and other things you put into the initial laying down of the paint. So check out my new abstract section.